Friday, May 27, 2005

and it hits me like a sack of bricks

This little girl raised on fairy tales.
She believed them when they told her love conquers all
She believed them when they told her you can do anything
if you try hard enough

This little girl just saw the weight of the world
and it broke her

and yet i have to stare myself down in the mirror and say
you are strong, its just the drugs talking
even when im drug free
ignore the vocalized dependencys in your head

and pray you have enough strength left
to fall asleep before you pick up the phone

Brokens girls broken fairy tale world
its much more depressing when its real
and not the masturbated cynisism
I cant pick up the peices this time

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


These familar restrained emotions
I swear im not this cold, just confused

What are we waiting for
Your ignorance to outpour

Ive seen the empty space where i used to imagine your intellect should be

and i cant seem to take much mor of it
so i become detached

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Blissfully Aware

I made a mistake
Its much worse to play with glass, then fire
I may be torched but I heal

Im sick, my lungs are toxic
I cant breathe, so i remain silent

They say a new girl can put a spring in a mans step
But somehow it just leaves me with nothing

Its so hollow, when i hold you