Thursday, September 29, 2005

Unity kills

All my training is no good for this
Im left sitting here cold and weak again

Watching my mother strom around the house like she did two years ago
I cant feel anything but guilty
I was supposed to be the example
I told him...

No one listens, drugs discredit you, even though they should qualify you

fighting my old battles under the cover of assisting him
but even if that wasn't true id still be at his side

Please god let me still be the black sheep tommorow, i can handle it


Artic winds cool and instill me again
Yet warm the blood beneath the skin
The stale tobacco tastes fresh again
the smoke circles made by the procession of hens

I find solace in the overcast sky
I find myself remebering those old dreams

I once let die

Pushing forward with my worn soles
still wearing on the asphalt
still warm from summers sun
still have me starting at my soles

It comes again and nothing has changed
It comes again and only i have changed

New dreams come again

Monday, September 26, 2005


Salt is a biting wonderful taste
Breathe it deep
It seems to clear all the pollution from my lungs
I stare at the sky and wonder if i can count every star

because i know i can, tonight

The waves rock me to sleep
Like a babe in mothers arms
A kin to the warmth of a body
the glass of rum in my hand

A collection of works pulled from my math notes

Bored Suburbia

My heart lies in a feild 200 years ago
Soil tilled with swollen blistered hands
Daybreak becomes my morning break
I awake

I find life without direction
I hear "
Ill be happy unless i follow the path laid before me
I wont be happy if i dont
I cant be what you think i could

gunshot, non poetic rhetoric

Your just praising hitler in yiddish

I ditest lowering myself to join you

I can smell your cancer
Im sure you can see your fate
Give up now and alliviate us,
From your presence in this world
I can smell your cancer

Sleep deprived, maintaining on fear
why else would i be here
anti-trend is killing me
but i wouldnt be happy with conformity

I fall to my knees in frustration
your arrogance is unfounded
the line between a cry for help and a cry for attention defined by violence and acts of god

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Redline at 120



Faster and faster we go, where ill gun you down, only you know


Cold steel, i feel invincible
Heavy back pocket
Weight on my lap

Smooth, Sharp run my fingers over the blade
Cold, Black, run my fingers over the trigger

Cock, loaded, explode
Adrenaline rush, Dopamine kicks in
tasting my own copper
while i unload lead

Thursday, September 22, 2005


You want a plea for peace
You want to hide
You want to live behind a blue polyester curtin
and play cloak and dagger games
But you forgot games go both ways
and i dont care for your game of sorry

Youve lost touch with the world
Youve lost touch with mother earth
Youve lost touch with what it once was

To be a man, to feel the bloodlust
To know combat, and conquest

To evolve

You have become the pervervial cockroach
You are a coward that hides behind a liberal world

I will feast tommorow on the flesh of the weak


Now i remeber why i wanted yall all lain at my feet
slain at my feet
what good was your deciet
when neck is slit, not as fun as your wrists
Suffer at the ends of my fists

Hands clenched, knuckles white
How long have i longed for the end of this fight
Its a shame you are so short of sight
Let the dopamine show, and the emotions flow
Ive had enough of holding it in, this is me letting it go

There is no time for truce or lies
with my blood red eyes
i wait paiently for your demise
So when you lie stoned in the street
ill take your weary head to my feet

And let the EMOtions flow
Let it all let go
Let me show you
How its all gonna end

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


You think its so cute to play with words
Think your a star because you can play with hate
That your arrogance can be passed off as beauty
ill send you to an early grave

ear to ear, eye for eye,
i have had enough of your missguided lies
you know im going to cut you down to size

This pathetic view
This pathetic mind

I've had enough

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I see her on the computer screen
Youd think she was a god, an emo queen
a thousand friends and master of the scene
but in reality im just missinterpretting

Then I saw the pain of her mind
and it wasnt the fashionable kind
Truly lost, and poorly designed
this was a girl i couldnt leave behind

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Plea for Peace

I watched your drunken tirade last night
Not that i havent had similar nights
You said
I cant talk to you because ill only say what ive said a thousand times before
Find peace
The instability of being left behind will never calm
Acid baths dont heal

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Ill never remeber my moments of shame
Ill forget everything
Ill never remeber my moments of pain
Ill feel the opiates wash over me
Ill let the chemicals warm me
Ill let the pieces fall where they may
Ill never forget about you

ILL SCREAM and the let the body count rise

Generations of oppression leaves me with this indignation and frustration
Generations of oppression leaves me with this indignation
Generations of oppression leaves me....

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Austin Love Song

Staring into the sunset
There never have been sunsets like this
They are caused by the destruction of the ozone
Beautiful destruction

Somehow all the confusion fades
maybe im high off the pollution
but my head is clear
standing in the crisp air, i have no fear

whether its drunken love
or im drunk on love
and sobriety is nipping at my heels
for once, i dont care

let it come
let it come and sweep me away
let it come change me
i know who i am

ill strum my guitar
play that diatonic scale
sing that old austin love song
cause i know it was your favorite