Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shooting the lame horse

Late night phone calls don't mean a thing
just someone drunk dialing, ring ring
its not an emergency
don't need to have anxiety
Its just another phone call
stop over interpreting
Phone line is dead
Pale and cold
waiting for the obituary to be read
Necrophiliac coroner stowed away for another day
But leave back the watch full eye
of the manager, and the security cameras in the sky
some call them stars
i call them lies
paranoia sets in, but i still think i can fly

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Truths about life

Sexual frustration breeds cynicism


Cynicism breeds sexual frustration

probably the first

Somehow alkaline trio is responsible for this

To all those that used to be someone else
and for all those that miss someone who was destroyed
by addiction, emotion, the highs and lows
Those are the things that change people to in a irreconcilable level
And its not just chemicals and barroom fights
The man who makes a beast of himself
Loses all the pain of being a man

Thats all, good day