Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Schoolyard romance

Thirteen, of course you were my beauty queen
The only one on the playground that was nice to me
You didn't know me then, not the way i am now
How i run the scene, learn and recite the tao

But then again now i'm nearly twice that age
little older, little wiser, minds still ablaze
with all sorts of manner of strange thoughts
but don't ever consider me one of the lost

Either way, i'm somewhat surprised
it only took three weeks for me to open my eyes
to see what is really was beneath
maybe you changed, or was a blade in your sheath

Superior, materialistic girl
so lost, caught up in her own world
say that we only talk about me
but at least i'm here, not somewhere you'd rather be

it reminds me of when i was under age ten
all day spent chasing the girls around the playpen
turning them over to the other side
nothing new, narc before age twenty five

point is i thought i had my finger on you
but then i realized this isn't what i want to do
i want something real something tangible
you are just an involved intangible

Whats confusing is that its not something open
maybe i don't notice cause i'm too busy dopin'
either way its all too clear now
we'll keep the line drawn, don't worry, i know how