Thursday, March 13, 2008

Runners High

Getting up early in the morning to run for what seems like forever has a fantastic way of slowing the rest of the day down. As you watch everyone else race on by stressed and in a hurry you know that you have plenty of time because you have already covered 6 miles this morning.

I believe i have reached that point in being single when your happy being independent. I look upon the couples around campus who you always see together and think how i do not want that. In fact last night I was in the company of a very cute girl who i could definitely date. But thats just not what i want in my life right now, and it feels good to know that and be very assured of it.

Spring Break approaches and i'm in the perfect state of mind for it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For a Friend

I know we were never especially close, but i was always honestly excited to see you at a party
You had a good heart and a hell of a daemon on your back
I don't know if you ever understood what happened, but you were born with that haunting spirit
and i hope that now you can finally find peace
Fuck all the people that will use you as a statistic
Fuck all the people who will use you as a counter point in their argument
and FUCK all the people who will pretend to be your friend for attention

But that is neither here nor there

I don't know a lot, but i know it wasn't easy.
We have all had a taste of what you were fighting
But it was a burden you had to bare alone.
I'm sorry that fate dealt you such a hand
But i really appreciate the way you made an impact here
Your impact will be felt
Rest in Peace

Friday, March 07, 2008

Crossfaded and re-released

I often find myself very upset with the modern age, fantasizing about times when our lives were not a continuous stream of self-administered doses of stress. But every now and then there are these amazing moments of clarity when i realized what we gained from giving up what i would assume is the ideal lifestyle. (and if you've read Ishmael you know what lifestyle I'm talking about)

Todays moment of clarity was that I can have several gigs worth of music at my disposal at pretty much all times. Music from all sorts of genres from all over the world all sent to me in an instant, and soon i will be able to mix it and create new versions to share.

Do you ever have a moment when your listening to a song, usually your alone but it is the perfect song for that moment in time? For example its just the best song to be driving down the road that day as that it matches your emotions at that moment perfectly. This happens to me and i get this pleasurable sensation down my spine. It starts at the base and then goes up to the back of my skull and then i get a warmth that spreads out through my entire body. It is absolutely amazing. I like to pretend like I'm a primitivist anarchist, but i know quite well there is no way i could ever sacrifice my access to music, high quality speakers, and the many different ways to make many different types of music. I love it all