Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And its over

And waking up every day feels exactly the same as it has the past 19 months. I feel almost silly for how ive acted. But its easier now that the pressures off i suppose

I dont know if i should be jumping for joy or what. I still feel like ive been exploited but its really not so bad. I also decided to work on any and all poetic works outside of this site till they are up to par with some of my older work. Its probably for the better because i can communitcate more clearly this way.

Ive gotten attached again. I get attached so easliy, maybe i just meet really spectacular women, who knows

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Morphine in my bloodstream

I feel you inside me, already under my skin
Flowing and spreading through my body

without thinking i anticipate whats to come, the dope sick withdrawl of me the junkie fiend
and instantly im overcome with the sickness, the depression

i must fix (you)

What is it that the morphine gives the junkie fiend, is it the sickness or the relief?

[The hardest part is deciding if im above such games, or if i am just another player]

Monday, September 18, 2006

c'est amour!

So long have i lived in comfort

Yet a comfortable life always leaves someone, like myself, so possesed with wanderlust wanting more

And so with a swift breaking of my shell i have found myself completely and totally enamoured
Its possibly the daunting insecuritys that make my heart beat this fast but i love it, i love it like a bad addiction.

That whole night i was quoting little in my head, thinking of the monolouge of Bobby Prince

"Like two broken halves that come together and make something complete and wonderful."

Ill fucking rob the world twice for her

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The pull of the loins is as fleeting as the pull of the heart
No one feels love for the aged rock-star, only pity

Tis a shame, they say, tis a shame he spent his whole life looking for the moment and never wanting to be commited.

The real shame is that both he the aged, used hollywood trash, who thought beauty is timeless, could be never be something

Because their both still stuck on an idea