Sunday, August 12, 2007

add tax in America

Standing there, palms sweating, heavy hand
wishing i knew, a stronger man
Never thought it would end in a stand
One night, no m'am, neverland

you knew we were forbidden, half the turn on
played with luminence, forplay to the wrong
wrong only excisted in those forgetting minds
Alchohol, never wrong, forget these lines

I never knew i felt like this
Forget that, just forgot with a kiss
Hoped i would never be hit or miss
Holding it, inwith it, make you my miss
loveable, holdable, callupon this
Something i never thought would make me wish

for this, you, standing with me
wanting everything, pardon lili
-um, such a name, so fake, like that fake,
who took me for such a ri-
de, do or die, me never want to justify
with clipped wings, its so hard to fly

but i play my own birdkeeper to the zoo
never thought that this would happen,

let me woo

over you, for a time, i wish i could rhyme

girl so special, melt the world, just her self
so glad im not doing time
This is the rhyme that puts in time
all the shit, never hit, running circles in my mind

Monday, August 06, 2007

Lack of recent posts leaves me with a false sense of security

I hate that I'm still dealing with the same bullshit i had to do deal with when i left her. The calls, at least this time it was in the day, making some outrageous unsubstantiated claim. You think, subtlety would be a good tactic, try and dig information out of me so that i dig my own grave. No, its just raw emotion, raw stupidity, because every time before it has been wrong. And that is why she never reveals the source

now thats not really all that important, Meagan being emotional and irrational

why does it still bother me so much. usually i can shrug off her immature bullshit with a laugh and a coy glance at a cute girl but this time its stuck with me.