Wednesday, September 05, 2007

we all die alone

I can't but feel that typical reaction at this point
without my 201 mile security blanket i'm left facing the reality of the situation
Maybe its just depressing, depressants, maybe its just the minor tone
Maybe its that overcast tone that has hid in the shadows all my life
Maybe its that shape watching me, waiting till i drop my guard

willing to turn my back to the walls, and forget everything ive ever feared
maybe its time i turned past this childish bullshit
but i know i never will

identity is confusion, those preferences that make you
The primal screamer is still buried inside me
deeper than deep

Never have i ever

Felt so complete and incomplete at the same time
That conflicting emotion that feels like i'm running in place
its the arpeggio, its the climax, its the modulation
all rolled in one

I am the breakbeat, i am the snare hit on the offbeat
that accent, that lost noise

You are the dischord, disharmony that moves the peice along

Together, we become something greater than has ever been heard before

Its almost like minor key tone was invented for our melancholy, for our fall