Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More Alcohol, you know the fucking drill

I am a liar
I have finally accepted i am that which i have tried for fight forever
I am you
I am that which has become obsessed enough with my image to lie
It is from pain
Our lives in suburbia so painfully boring that we must become a lie
You, and I are that lie
So here we stand, truth laid out before us, given two option
This fucking poem right now is more masturbation for your image
drop it
Fucking stop all this bullshit, we are only perpetutation our cycle of bordem
We are all One
One fucking human being, collective being, dont fucking exclude because of your falsified image
Truth, Is inside
You deny the truth because you cannot accept, well i finally accepted it
You can do it too
Dont fucking call me brillant, i am only saying truth, accept it

I understand that we are all a collection of our influences, as that mine might be different than yours we are all products of that demon created called middle class, suburbia, unite and fucking stand strong rather than deny an attempt to become the ideals we have seen in our fantasies, our fucking media fed ideals. YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, you are what you are.
Accept it. Find it. Allow it.

Your segregation is caused by your dillusions

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I had sex with a dead chick for kicks

Somehow walking around at night with the scent of summer in the air seems to calm me down and erase all my fears. I guess it just reminds me of life before it got complicated. When a man could walk alone in the dark for miles and fear totally safe. And by man i mean a fearless 15 yr old. And now i walk the streets paranoid because somehow in three years i realized that the world is scary and dangerous. Either way, the smell brought back some good memories.

Monday, March 07, 2005


I dont believe in unity
Now that i said that will you send your boys after me
all that said only works when the beers are free

It must be pretty cool
to know that you belong
It must be pretty cool
to never be all alone

well ive been segragated all my life
And you dont hear me whining

It must be pretty cool, cool to be you